Monday, May 25, 2015

5 Healthy Eating Tips For Truck Drivers

It's important to eat healthy food, because it provides your body with the nutrition it needs to be full of energy, vitality, and focus. Many people want to be healthy, but not everyone knows how to. Here are 5 healthy eating tips you can use immediately to start living a healthier life, even on the road!
  1. Eat lots of fruit. It's pretty hard to get fat eating fruit, so if you are feeling really hungry, eat lots of fruit. It digests faster than heavy foods, such as meat and nuts, and it provides your body with a natural energy boost. Bananas are an easy fruit to keep in the truck. They don't have to be refrigerated, and they can last a few days or up to a week without spoiling.

  2. Use a 12v fridge to keep perishable food fresh. Pack your fridge full with fruits, vegetables, and water. If you pre-wash all your fruits and vegetables, then whenever you are hungry, all you have to do is grab something from the fridge and eat it. For a healthy, tasty meal, cut up a bunch of fruits and maybe a vegetable or two and blend it all together in a blender for a delicious, healthy smoothie.

  3. Eat superfoods. A superfood is a food that has a higher-than-usual nutritional value. Some such foods include blueberries, bee pollen, honey, raw eggs, cod liver oil, and much more. Try a couple of those and find out what you like eating most. Then consume that food on a regular basis to give your body a nutritious turbo-boost.

  4. Choose healthy snacks. Nuts are some of the healthiest snack foods available. It's best to consume raw nuts, but sometimes the only nuts available are roasted and salted. Nuts are a heavy food, and take longer to digest than fruit does, so try eating small amounts every once in a while. Another healthy snack is dried fruit.

  5. Choose a healthy restaurant. When you have no other option than to eat out at a restaurant, choose the healthiest options possible. Subway is my favorite, because the food is fresh and I can get a few veggies in my meal. At other restaurants, order a fruit smoothie instead of a soda as your drink. Or just drink some water.
As you begin to apply this tips, I'm sure you'll discover that eating healthy food is funner and easier than you expected. The more you try to eat healthily, the easier it will become. Pretty soon you'll find yourself craving fruits and vegetables instead of junk food. That's when you know your life (and health) is changing for the better. Happy eating, and safe travels!
Jonathan Hostetler is an author and used to be an OTR truck driver who enjoys eating healthy food, and enjoys sharing his health food knowledge and experiences at his website
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