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Some Healthy Eating Tips For Those Teen Years

We all need around 2,000-2,400 calories each day and depending on their size and gender a teenage girl often needs more milk than the rest of us (between 3-4 servings each day). In this article we will look at how to plan healthy eating for teens in order that their body is being supplied with the right nutrients, vitamins, minerals and fiber each day to help it grow.

Unfortunately many teenagers do tend to eat lots of junk food and they often do not fulfill their daily nutrient requirements. For most teenage girls you will find that they do not enough foods to be found in the meat and alternatives food group and many will try to skip meals in order to stay thin. However as for the boys they are addicted to fast food and they will often have competitions to see who can eat the most hamburgers in one sitting. In fact eating has become a social activity for many teenagers around the world and both they and their peers will have an influence on them and what their friends eats.
Therefore if you are able to try and get your teenager to eat at least 5 servings of fruit and vegetables each day as this drops the risk of them getting cancer by 20% (1/2 million a people would not have cancer each year if they had better diets).
If you can, try and get your teens to eat such foods as carrots, broccoli, tomatoes, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, garlic, onions, cabbage, beets, apricots, high fiber bread, tofu, soy beans and fruit as part of their diet. This will then help to provide some of the minerals, vitamins and nutrients that they need whilst they are still growing.
Also we are now going to look at some nutrients which are vital and should be included in any healthy eating for teens diet plan and they are as follows:-
Zinc - This is required for growth.
Iron - Especially important to girls and can be found in red meats and iron fortified cereals.
Iodine - If you do not have enough of this in your diet you could develop goiters.
Vitamin D and Calcium - This will help make your bones strong and prevent you from getting osteoporosis in later life.
Vitamin A - Helps the immunity system and will improve vision.
Vitamin E - Also great for improving the immunity system.
Fish Oil - Is supposed to make the heart healthier.
Folic Acid - Especially important to girls as this helps your heart to stay healthy and also helps you to give birth to healthier children.
As you can see there are many reasons for ensuring that you have set up a healthy eating for teen’s diet plan for your teenager as it will help them to develop as they grow up. Please visit this site [] for extra tips in proper healthy tips for teens.
Bob raj is an author of [] where he says that teens should look up their diet for their healthy living and young.
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