Sunday, May 31, 2015

Healthy Eating Tips For Kids

It has been widely reported in the press that there are more overweight children in the UK today, than there was twenty or thirty years ago. This could be have been caused by a number of contributory factors including the expense of healthier food varieties, lack of exercise and larger portion sizes. Whatever the cause of this rise in obesity in children, there is a simple formula that should be followed to tackle the problem - plenty of exercise and healthy eating for kids.

There is one organisation that believes that promoting healthy eating for kids is really important. Their range of books for children are designed to help youngsters between the ages of 3 and 7 learn more about healthy eating, where their food comes from and even how to cook.
The books are set in the fictional Seed City and follow the journeys of some of its inhabitants, including Chrissie Cress, Rudi Radish and Mingo Mung. Each pack contains a fully illustrated story, a packet of seeds, growing instructions and a simple recipe.
There is even the opportunity for children to enroll with the Seed Agents Club, where they can take part in numerous activities, enter competitions, share pictures with other agents and write about some of the food that they have cooked using the produce that they have grown.
The main premise of the organisation is to make eating and cooking healthy food fun for all the family - something that the authors like to call the fun theory. They have a number of videos on their website that show how adults and children alike can change their behaviour for the better, if activities are made more fun.
Parents can find out more about encouraging their children to follow a healthier lifestyle by browsing their website. The authors also offer tips on getting other families involved, by starting a Seed Agent Club.
To learn more about healthy eating for kids and to start your adventure today, visit their website. There are a number of resources explaining how to change your lifestyle for a healthier one, plus you can buy books and growing equipment quickly and easily through their website.
Written by Jenny Pilley on behalf of The Secret Seed Society; promoting healthy eating for kids
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