Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Some Healthy Eating Tips for the Holidays

Holiday season starts around November and for two whole months, all that you are surrounded by is decadent food like cakes, sweets, turkey and wine. People give and receive a lot of festive goodies that it becomes hard not to indulge in the celebration. There is always an invitation to a dinner or a party at a friend's or relative's place that you cannot refuse to go to. And when somebody offers you a piece of cake or a glass of wine, you try not to be rude and accept it. So what do you do to avoid gaining those extra, unwanted calories? There are many ways in which you can enjoy the festivity as well as keep a watch on your food intake and diet.

Here are a few tips healthy eating tips for the holidays.
Realistic goals: Don't be mad at yourself if you over indulge yourself on sweets one night at a party. The next time when you go out, consume smaller portions of holiday treats and the next time even smaller. Setting unrealistic goals like avoiding sweets throughout the holidays will only disappoint you as they are hard to resist. Set realistic goals like smaller portions of holiday snacks or only a glass of wine each time you go out. This way you will not miss out on the festive treats and maintain your weight as well.
Holiday food preparation: When you prepare turkey for Christmas, choose a lean turkey and select non-fattening stuffing for the turkey and serve steamed vegetables along with it. You can also serve grilled food instead of fried food for side dishes. Prepare desserts which are low in calories and sugar-free and this way you can enjoy Christmas without feeling guilty of holiday indulgence. A meal like this is not only healthy for you but also for the rest of your family too. This meal plan can also be used for other festive holidays.
Eat before you leave: Never go to a party with an empty stomach. Have a bowl of fruit or some healthy snacks before you go to a dinner and your intake of portions of starters and other holiday treats will reduce. Also eat only your favorite food; don't eat what you can avoid.
Alcohol intake: Keep a vigilant eye on the amount of alcohol you consume as it is fattening. People tend to drink throughout the day as they are not working and the celebration never stops. Opting for low-calorie wine or beer is a great idea. Drink moderately and enjoy the fun and festivities without feeling unhealthy.
Eat moderately: At a dinner party, always go to the buffet table and see what all is laid out on the table. Then make a conscious decision on what to eat and what not to. Also avoid standing near the snack section of the buffet while talking to a friend, as it is naturally human to grab a few bites of unhealthy snacks. Balance your plate out with healthy foods and the festive food and enjoy. Be wary of what you eat, especially sugary food. Another good tip is to choose a smaller plate instead of the regular dinner plate to serve your food in. You can also prepare your own healthy dish and bring it to a family gathering.
Exercise: Most people are not working during the holidays. So this is a good opportunity to exercise regularly even from home. Hire a personal trainer who will guide you in burning those excess calories and advise you on eating healthy during the holidays.
Don't restrict yourself off holiday goodies and at the same time avoid over indulgence and this way you will maintain a healthy diet during the holidays and your New Year's resolution will not be to lose weight this time.
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