Monday, May 25, 2015

Inexpensive Healthy Eating: Tips That Help Save Money Whilst Eating Healthily

We often associate a healthy nutritious dietary plan as an expensive, financial burden. It seems impossible to compare and compete with the overall cost of healthy nutritious foods to the cheaper alternative of processed foods. If we are prepared and willing to plan ahead and focus on our goal, we can easily succeed in balancing our budget with a healthy nutritious diet. Below are a few suggestions to help us do this:
Money Saving Healthy Eating Tip 1 - Advanced Planning

A good idea is to plan our meals for the next couple of weeks in advance before we go shopping. By doing this we can list the required ingredients for the various dishes we plan to make. If we shop around, compare prices and take advantage of special offers, particularly if we can save money by buying larger pack sizes on ingredients we know we will use a lot of within our 2 week meal plan. If possible, we should check and compare prices on the websites of various local major supermarkets before going shopping. By doing this we will not only save time but also money, we should also take advantage of any bargain sale items which we can incorporate into our meal plans, even if we had not planned to use them, flexibility can increase variety in our meal plans.
Money Saving Healthy Eating Tip 2 - Keep Well Stocked Up.
There are often special offers and bargains to be had on fresh meat and other produce. We should take advantage of these. We can make big savings by buying double or treble the quantity we need. We can cook one portion on the day of purchase and freeze the remainder in portions to be used at later dates.
Many of the larger warehouse stores charge an affordable annual membership fee, which enables the purchase of bulk buying quantities of foods we eat regularly. Providing we have adequate storage facilities for shopping in larger quantities, we can make our budget go much further and make substantial savings.
We can also utilise our bulk buying into changing the way we prepare and cook our meals. It is just as easy to prepare and cook in bulk too. It is a good idea to make dishes that just need to be heated to keep in the freezer. These dishes are so handy if we do not feel like cooking or do not have time to prepare a meal from scratch. They are always good as a stand by if unexpected guests arrive, just take them out of the freezer, oven bake or microwave.
Money Saving Healthy Eating Tip 3 - Buy Direct From Source.
The summer months can provide a wealth of bargains on seasonal local produce. Roadside fruit and vegetable stands and farmers markets can prove us with inexpensive healthy fresh fruit and vegetables. If the prices are favourable, we should stock up on all the fresh healthy foods our family enjoy. Freezing, bottling and pickling are all options in the preserving of the extras we have purchased. Vegetables can be chopped, blanched and frozen to provide a nutritious addition to soups and stews in the winter months when fresh vegetables are more expensive. Fresh fruits can be chopped or stewed and frozen to be used at a later date as a healthy addition to yoghurt or a delicious topping for ice cream.
Eating a healthy nutritious balanced diet inexpensively need not be difficult. We just need to focus on planning ahead and be astute with our shopping and creative with our meal planning. By following this simple routine we can reduce our financial out lay and continue with a healthy eating regime.
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