Monday, May 25, 2015

Healthy Eating Tips You Need to Remember

Improving overall health is a primary goal for many people today, and with good reason. Studies show that the rate of obesity is reaching epidemic proportions, and with this comes a significant increase in strokes, heart attack, and a variety of other potentially life threatening health conditions. If you are looking to improve your health, it absolutely starts with the foods that you are putting into your body. Many people today seem to have forgotten that food is intended to provide our bodies with nutrition and fuel, not as a means of combating boredom or emotion. Once we learn to develop a better relationship with food, we gradually improve our overall health. What follows are some tips for healthy eating that can make it easier to achieve your goal of better overall health and weight loss.

Are You Switching It Up?
One thing that you need to be certain of is that you are not just taking in foods from each food group, but that you are taking in different foods from each food group. While eating the right number of servings of vegetables daily is important, you also need to know that just taking in the same veggie at every meal is going to greatly reduce your overall nutrient levels. Eat different proteins, different veggies, different whole grains, and different carbs. Remember that lots of variety within a food group offers varied nutrients and keeps your diet nutritionally balanced.
Keep Your Portion Sizes Realistic
When you look at the average bag of potato chips, you will find that it says it is actually designed to offer 2.5 or more servings; the same is true for candy bars. Even the average restaurant meal is more like the size of two full-sized dinners. The bottom line- we have become accustomed to eating far more than we need. Work to create realistic portion sizes and to ensure that you are eating the right foods.
Eat Scheduled Meals
While it may seem strange, eating at the same time every day can actually help keep you healthier. When you skip meals, you might actually eat more at the next meal and have a greater tendency to eat unhealthy snacks throughout the day. Learn to identify hunger by asking yourself when did you last eat? If it's been longer than 2-4 hours, it's time to eat.
The Bottom Line
The best healthy eating tips are those that help you make sustainable changes to your habits over time. Many of us have been taught to ignore our body's natural instincts or eat to cope with our emotions. That's why changing your relationship with food can take a great deal of time and patience. The simple fact is that by eating better, you can make it easier to achieve your goals of better overall health.
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