Monday, May 25, 2015

Healthy Eating Tip - Lemongrass Tea

This healthy eating tip doesn't involve lowering the fat in your food, or even have anything to do with the food at all. In fact, this tip doesn't come into play until your meal is over.
After a nice big meal, or even a small one, for that matter, it is a good idea to have a cup or two of Lemongrass Tea. Whether you are at home or a restaurant that offers a good tea selection, such as London's own, No. 10 Chinese Restaurant, Lemongrass tea is available to help in your healthy lifestyle. Lemongrass itself is widely used in Thai Cuisine, which is known for healthy aspects, but it is also available in a tea form, and can give the same health benefits. It sounds simple, but this simple tip after you are done eating can help in a variety of ways.

First: Lowing Fat. Although any tea will help, certain teas such as the herbal favorite, Lemongrass tea helps to aide in digestion. A more thorough digestion allows your body to better process the foods, and eliminate the fats. Other teas such as Green tea and similar blends such as White Jasmine or Rose, help your body burn calories. Each tea will help lower the fat absorbed from your meal, making it more healthy.
Second: Freeing your body from the preservatives, chemicals, fatty acids, and toxins that may be in your food. I know we all like to think the foods we are eating is clean and free of anything that can hurt us, but with fried foods, fast foods, packaged foods, and the many color and flavor additives that are in foods, this is not the case. A good cup or two of tea after your meal can help cleanse your body of these toxins.
Third: Feeling refreshed after a meal.
We have all eaten meals, where afterwards we feel like a bowling ball is sitting in our stomach. Either we were eating too much, or the food is slow to digest. Either way, the sluggish feeling remains. As I mentioned before, Lemongrass tea helps to aide in the digestion process. This will help to lower the fat, but it will also help us feel better after the meal. With our body digesting our food properly, and being well hydrated, the lemongrass tea works well in such an instance.
Overall, a cup of Lemongrass tea after eating is an easy addition to a healthy lifestyle. I recommend trying a cup of this herbal favorite after lunch and dinner for a week or two and see how you feel. I hope this healthy eating tip works for you.
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