Monday, May 25, 2015

11 Heart Healthy Eating Tips That Could Add Years to Your Life

Here are 11 of the best healthy eating tips that will allow you to accomplish your weight loss goals and start living a healthier and happier lifestyle:
1. Eat 6 small meals per day (and be sure to eat smaller portion sizes)
2. Eat only whole grain carbs such as brown rice, whole wheat bread and pasta, and avoid refined carbs such as WHITE flour, rice, pasta, and bread

3. Eat a complete breakfast - skim milk, oatmeal egg whites, fresh fruit, wheat bread, and reduced fat cheeses are all great options
4. Keep healthy snacks on hand at work. Salt-free nuts, granola, and veggies are great snacks and will save you a trip to the vending machine
5. Learning how to read a food label is a crucial step in eating healthier
6. Cut WAY back on the amount of sugar you're eating. Choose sugar-free products and sweeteners such as Splenda instead and avoid foods with "high fructose corn syrup," "dextrose," and "sucrose"
7. Drinking red wine in moderation is good for your heart (but more than 1-2 glasses per day can have the opposite effect)
8. Eat more vegetables - try eating 3-4 servings a day for a week. You will be amazed by the results
9. Indulge occasionally. Treat yourself to a couple slices of pizza, a hamburger, or ice cream once per week.
10. If you're eating out, check out the healthy menu options ahead of time at Healthy Dining Finder
11. Learn how to cook healthy food - use methods such as broiling, grilling, baking, poaching, steaming, stir frying, and microwaving.
For more healthy eating tips and some great easy healthy recipes check out The Healthy Eating Guide
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