Monday, May 25, 2015

Making Better Choices - Healthy Eating Tips

Don't you feel like every time you open a magazine or turn on the news there's a new report about something that was supposed to be good for you that actually isn't? Or something that was a miracle weight-loss aid is now actually bad for your waistline? It's frustrating...and it's hard to keep track! It makes you want to throw your hands up and have the Doritos. I know. But the reason these flip-flops make us so crazy is because we're always looking for the quick fix. We're always hoping that there will be some discovery that will just make healthy eating and weight loss and maintenance easy. But here's the brutal truth - there won't be. Sure, going on an all-bacon diet or cutting out carbs or only eating raw beets or whatever will work in the short term if you're trying to lose weight. But it will all come roaring back when you're ready to eat like a normal person again. Crazy diets are unsustainable and are no substitute for a lifetime of healthy eating. Making good choices is really not that hard, once you get into a groove. Here are some good healthy eating tips that just might be habit-forming!

Do you wake up hungry? I don't, and I find eating first thing in the morning difficult. I need to ease into it. I know it's very tempting to skip breakfast - especially if you're racing out the door. But you'll be at the vending machine by 10:00am or wolfing down a danish that a coworker left on the conference table if you do. Don't sabotage yourself! It's important to have some protein in the morning. You'll burn through carb-y cereal or bagel breakfast far too quickly. If you can make the time, poach an egg in the microwave and have it on a whole-grain english muffin. Delicious and satisfying. If I'm in a rush I rely on a power smoothie to get my day started. Buy bags of frozen fruit at the supermarket and throw about a cup in the blender with some skim milk, a bit of yogurt and a scoop of protein powder. I sometimes add a dash of flax oil to get my Omega 3s in there the easy way.
Another healthy eating tip? Keep smart snacks handy. To assume we won't snack is to lie to ourselves. We get hungry and if we don't have something good for us close by, we will eat whatever we can get our hands on. Keep a baggie of almonds in your purse or your desk. They're crunchy, satisfying, filling, and really good for you. You can't eat piles of them, obviously, but a handful will keep you going between meals.
Probably the toughest part of the day for mindless munching is after dinner and before bed. We're not even hungry, but we rummage through the cupboards and stuff our faces for no real reason other than we're in the habit of doing it. And let's face it - carrot sticks are not going to cut it. For a high-fibre, low calorie bite that even feels like a treat, reach for popcorn! Low fat microwave popcorn is fine, but air-popped is even better. Stay away from butter and salt and you have an ideal evening snack.
These aren't diet suggestions, but just some healthy eating tips that will hopefully help you maximize your energy and minimize bad food choices. Don't forget to drink your water and enjoy your new sense of well-being!
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