Sunday, May 31, 2015

Healthy Eating Tips When You're Dining Out

It's really hard to maintain a healthy eating pattern. Sometimes we want to indulge and spoil ourselves a little bit because we know we deserve it after working so hard. Eating out is also the time when we bond with our family or friends. You really don't have to feel bad each time you dine out on your favorite restaurant because there are some ways on how you can still enjoy a hearty meal without feeling guilty.
There are a lot of restaurants that can whip up healthy but delicious foods that are low in saturated fats, trans fatty acids and cholesterol. Don't hesitate in making some special requests. Some restaurants will let you alter your order for example less salt and less cheese. If you are ordering a huge meal, remember that you are not obliged to finish all of it. If you are dining out with somebody, do you mind sharing? Or maybe you can have the rest for take out.
It will also help if you know your daily calorie requirements so you'll know what to skip in the menu. Always navigate the menu thoroughly and pick the healthiest meal you can get and don't jump right through the desserts section. Select entrees with fruits or vegetables as key ingredients. For meat or poultry, make sure you choose the lean cut. Sure you ordered salad but if you drench it with high-fat dressing, cheese, bacon and croutons, this will not be healthy at all. Ask the server not to mix the dressing and all the sidings to the salad. Let him or her bring it to you separately that way you can control how much you put in your salad.
Fish is also another healthier option when you are dining out. Have it grilled or broiled instead of deep fried. For your carbohydrates, go for whole-wheat stuff instead of the regular food made out of refined flour. Whole wheat can come in the form of bread, tortilla and even pasta. If you really can't help ordering a sumptuous dessert, maybe you can share it with a friend. If you're alone, forget about being loyal to the clean plate club.
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