Sunday, May 24, 2015

6 Healthy Eating Tips for Chistmas

The festive season doesn't have to be one long binge of unhealthy eating, followed by weeks spent trying to undo the damage. Follow these simple healthy eating tips for a delicious Christmas.
  1. Enjoy it all - in moderation Yes, you can have a bit of everything. There's no food that you should avoid altogether - as long as you don't over do it. A blob of cream, a slice of rich fruit cake, a chocolate reindeer, a serving of crisp-skinned turkey - all are fine, if you keep to a reasonable serving size and confine the feasting to a couple of days.
  2. Drink less, of better wines Lash out, and double the amount you spend on a bottle of wine BUT halve the amount you drink. Savour that expensive flavour.
  3. Keep up the exercise Slump for a day if you will, but after that get out into the invigorating air and take a brisk stroll.
  4. Eat slowly Eat mindfully. Enjoy the beautiful seasonal dishes, relish the familiar festive flavours, take your time to appreciate each mouthful and stop before you feel completely full.
  5. Shop wisely As you shop for Christmas food, put some healthy items into the cart as well. Buy plenty of crisp celery, cherry tomatoes, green leaves, exotic fresh fruits, fresh nuts. When you get home, display the healthy foods prominently, where they'll be seen - and eaten!
  6. Fresh fruit to the fore Before a meal, serve a platter of segmented fresh fruits, mixed with luscious dried apricots and figs. Take the edge of your appetite healthily - and deliciously.
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