Tuesday, May 26, 2015

5 Important Healthy Eating Tips!

Back when I played baseball in college, I could literally eat anything I wanted and not gain weight because of the amount of exercising I was doing throughout the day. Once college and my baseball career ended, and real life began, my overall health and physical condition began to diminish. My bad eating habits finally caught up with me, and I ended up putting on around 15lbs in just a few short months. It finally got to a point where I had enough and decided to start a complete diet and workout regimen. I knew that if I wanted to reach all of my fitness goals, I had to commit to a healthy diet. After doing much research, I learned the importance of the diet and discovered many tips to help me stay committed. I have shared my tips for staying committed to the diet below.

(1) Keep track of what you eat every day! I have found a few awesome sites where you can log what you eat daily into, which will let you know how many calories you are taking in and if you are on track to reach your goals. Once I started doing this every day, I found myself staying more committed to the diet.
(2) Throw out all your junk food! The first thing that I did when I started my strict diet and workout routine was go through my drawers, cabinets, freezer, and fridge and throw away ALL junk food! I remember having a large garbage bag full once I was done going through everything. The reason it is important to do this is so that you will not have any junk food to eat when you do start craving those foods! It will force you to go for a healthy alternative.
(3) Partner up with someone and hold each other accountable every day. I have found that when you have extra support and someone to report to every day, you are more likely to stay committed to the diet.
(4) Eat at home as much as possible! Not only can eating out at restaurants get expensive, but it also can be very unhealthy for you as well. Most meals at restaurants are loaded with fat, carbohydrates, and calories, and you can easily take in half or more of your daily calories in one meal! If you do eat out, make sure you order from the healthy menu section if available.
(5) Try to get your spouse on board with your healthy eating choices. I have found that if you have support from your partner, it eliminates a lot of unnecessary stress, and you can help each other reach your goals!
Now you have a few tips that will help you stay on track with your healthy diet! Remember, the most important part of any fitness regimen is the diet!
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