Tuesday, May 26, 2015

5 Healthy Eating Tips For December

Follow these simple tips and get the healthy eating habit in the run up to Christmas.
  1. Cut down on sugar Tired all the time? Easy prey for every bug that's going? Beat winter health downturn by cutting back on sugary foods, which make white blood cells less able to combat nasties. Up your intake of fresh fruit and veg to keep immunity high.
  2. Keep temptations hidden It's a good idea to stock up slowly on festive goodies and spread the cost - but be sure to hide them away - well away - where you won't be tempted before the holiday. Don't make your careful shopping habits an excuse to turn Christmas into a month-long binge of unhealthy eating.
  3. Eat more fresh vegetables Serve a large mixed salad as an appetiser before the main course to take the edge of hunger and give you a valuable serving of fresh veg.
  4. Plan to eat healthily Keep up the exercise even though the weather is colder. Wrap up warm, and walk briskly, every day. You're bound to be hungry when you return, so before you leave, set out a healthy snack - put soup in a pan, get wholemeal bread into the toaster ready to go, or fill a small bowl with dried fruits and nuts. Make healthy eating easy, and you won't be tempted to reach for the cookies.
  5. Reduce consumption of booze Cut back on alcohol in the run up to the holiday season. When you feel like a drink, wait for a while before you begin on the alcohol, and instead pour a fruit juice or tomato juice into an attractive glass, add ice, lemon and sip slowly. It soon becomes an easy, alcohol-reducing habit.
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